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Newsletter No 3

The centre driving wheelset acquired earlier in the year has been descaled and painted with primer. As the weather allows black undercoat and gloss will be applied. Waxol has been applied in the spoke recesses in the balance weights. Although this wheelset was donated to The Fund by the City of Stoke on Trent Council we had to pay for transport to the Severn Valley Railway and the purchase of a wheelset from a scrap class 08 diesel shunter to take the place of our wheelset on the plinth at Pitts Hill on the former Potteries line, now a public footpath. The provision of an information plaque at this site has also incurred some expense.

Some time ago we supplied a copy of the drawing for the driver's pedestal to an engineering company in South Wales whom we had been advised had done some work at very low prices for the local heritage railways. Unfortunately they have not been forthcoming with a quote so the emphasis has shifted to the Midlands in the hope of a modest quote from an engineering company there. The driver's pedestal is an item that we can manufacture ourselves if necessary, it is all a question of keeping the cost as low as possible.

Some information leaflets about our project were distributed to visitors at the Crewe works open weekend and a vacuum gauge was purchased there at a very modest price.

Chris and Tony attended the autumn meeting of the BR Standard Loco Owners Group held on this occasion at Swanwick junction, Midland Railway Centre. An enjoyable tour of the site and a ride behind 73129, the standard class 5 fitted with Caprotti valve gear, preceded the meeting. These get togethers, held at present twice a year, are a most useful forum for the exchange of information on all matters relating to BR Standard locomotives.

Conscious of the fact that our membership certificate has been rather basic a new improved version is being prepared at the time of writing plus an improved information leaflet. Apologies are due to those new members who are awaiting a membership certificate. It is our intention to issue the new certificate to all members but in addition to seeking out the best price for the printing aspect we are experiencing some difficulty in obtaining a reply from the holder of the copyright of the rather pleasing photograph that we wish to use.

One or two approaches by the Fund to individuals whom it was considered may be in a position to provide some sponsorship to our project have been made, so far without success. We therefore continue to search for that elusive millionaire who has a passion for BR Standard class 3 tank engines.

All members of the Fund can be of service in giving our project a mention to friends and acquaintances in the hope of attracting additional new members. Small regular monthly financial contributions are equally as welcome as one off lump sums.

It is worth keeping an eye on the Railway Magazine at present as we understand they are preparing an article on new build projects.

Tony Massau
Chris Proudfoot