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How to Help

In any way you can, please!
Membership of the Trust is only £20.00 per annum and regular contributions by Standing Order are especially welcome.

Trust Membership

Membership of The 82045 Steam Locomotive Trust is an annually renewable fee of £20.00. This may also be achieved by monthly standing order once monthly payments received have amounted to £20-00 (i.e. at £10.00 per month it will be achieved upon receipt of the second payment). Maintaining your standing order will ensure continuing year-on-year membership, provided that your annual contribution amounts to at least £20.00. Reminders will be sent out at the appropriate time. Life Membership is available for a one-off payment of £350.00.
Please complete the forms below to help bring the reality of 82045 that bit closer.

Membership application form - PDF

Standing order form - PDF

Boiler Appeal Form - PDF

Gift Aid declaration - for existing contributors - PDF

Online Payments and Donations

If you would like to setup a Standing Order, sponsor a component or make a donation online make a please transfer to account number 23778169, sort code 20-24-09 in the name of The 82045 Steam Locomotive Trust.

Please reference your transfer with your surname so that we can record your payment and confirm by email to Treasurer alan.brighouse@me.com so we can acknowledge your payment.

Thanks in advance.


82029 at Nine Elms shed. 11th December 1966. Photo: David Percival

82029 at Nine Elms shed. 11th December 1966. Photo: David Percival