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News Update - October 2020

Engineering notes

By Tony Massau

Firebox work continues.

Further progress has been made with lubrication systems for the pony trucks now that a few missing fittings have been made and the special screws that secure the side to side movement rubbing plates of the centre castings are now to hand.

Fabrication of the mechanism for the rocking grate has made more progress.

Fabrication of the various pieces of cladding sheets around the cylinders and steam chests has continued.

Work is in progress at Stephenson Engineering on the reversing shaft, the radius rods and the crosshead arms which connect to the union links.

Membership notes

The Autumn newsletter for members was distributed in September and as has happened previously a few that went out by email were returned as undeliverable. It is felt that in some cases this is because a member may have changed their email address and neglected to notify us. We try to communicate with members by email whenever possible to keep postage costs down such as in the distribution of the bi-annual newsletter and Annual General Meeting information, so it is to members benefit to ensure that we have the correct email address.

Coupling Rods

By Chris Proudfoot

Very many thanks to those of our friends who responded to my request in last month's notes. I don't like asking you for more help when we have already been shown such generosity over the past ten years - there is the problem of 'donor fatigue', I fully realise that.

As a result, though, the fund for the coupling rods is now better off by several thousand pounds. Once again, thanks so much.

Absent Friends

One of the most distressing jobs we have to do is recording the names of members who have passed on. It is a cause for sadness to all of us that these folks will not be around to see the engine they have supported so generously enter service, and we have been giving some thought to how best we might remember them. In the nature of things, and particularly given the demographic of our hobby, there will inevitably be further names to add to the melancholy list before 82045 is completed.

One idea is to run a special 'in Memoriam' train - headed by their engine - and invite those family members who might like to come along for a trip over the SVR. I've been wondering about an appropriate headboard for 82045 to carry on the occasion, and would very much appreciate any suggestions for the name it should carry. I thought about 'Absent Friends', and of course there are plenty of sonorous epitaphs from Latin, but I'm not wholly happy with either idea. Please send your ideas to Chris.

82XXX in BR days

On a happier note, Steve Downs, Stationmaster at Eardington, has sent us this shot of 82004 heading an up Severn Valley service though the little station in 1959. The photograph was sent to Steve by Llangollen Railway friend Peter Dickinson, though we don't know who took it.

The 82XXX tanks were a frequent sight on what was to become the SVR, from first introduction in 1952 through to about 1964. Returning one to its old stamping ground, after a gap of a mere fifty-odd years, is something we can all look forward to!


The doubling plate bolted to the inside of the outer firebox backhead plate prior to rivetting. Photo: Tony Massau


The two cladding sheets for the cylinder front covers. Photo: Tony Massau.


82004 at Eardington in 1959, sent by Steve Downs, the Stationmaster there. 82004 was briefly allocated to Shrewsbury (May-August of that year) but spent more time at Wellington.