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News Update - January 2016

Engineering notes

Outdoor work has been mainly focused upon the cab in recent weeks. It is anticipated that the cab will placed in position on the chassis in the near future although it will be removed again in due course, not least of which for painting. Steel is ordered for the cab floor.

The horn faces on the axleboxes are being machined preparatory to the fitting of manganese liners.

The front covers for the steam chests arrived from the foundry before Christmas and the option of contracting out the machining is being explored. Other recent arrivals are the petticoat for the chimney and the inner liner for the smokebox door. These are temporarily stored until work resumes on the smokebox.

The expansion link brackets also arrived this week and we may look at contracting out other machining work in due course as we are reaching capacity with our own machinists.

Publicity and Fundraising

Following the unexpected but excellent pictorial feature on the 82XXX class in the January issue of BackTrack, the March issue of this quality magazine will contain an appeal leaflet and letter. Keep your fingers crossed that these will have the desired effect and bring in some new members: although finances are in a very healthy state, serious inroads are starting to be made into our bank account as the boiler/firebox build gets under way and expenditure on the motion is being planned.

The Eardington Flyer

Bryan Clarke reports that there are now less than 20 tickets left for our special train on Friday 22nd April. If you'd like to be on it, please get in touch with Bryan at 10A Love Lane, Bridgnorth WV16 4HD enclosing a stamped addressed envelope and a cheque for £19-65 (£24-65 if you fancy entering the raffle for one of three footplate rides on 1450 on the day).

Cheques should be made out to The 82045 Steam Locomotive Trust.

Gresley Teaks

What have these got to do with a BR 2-6-2 tank, you might be wondering? Well, some time ago the Trust inherited three 3½ inch gauge Gresley coaches from the family of a chap who sadly died before he could complete them, and we are now looking for a good home for them. The photos show the most complete of the three: the others are a buffet car and what looks to my unpractised eye to be a mixed passenger and parcels vehicle. There are also two boxes containing a comprehensive collection of kit ranging from complete bogie units to upholstery.

These coaches really were someone’s labour of love, and in the right hands (sadly, not mine) would be a thing of great beauty. If anyone is interested in acquiring the whole lot - coaches and spares - please get in touch with Chris. They are at present in store in Cheshire, but can be brought to the SVR if anyone wishes to look at them with a view to making an appropriate offer. All proceeds will go to 82045.


Richard Fraser with an axlebox on the horizontal boring machine. The surface underneath the blue mark is being prepared for fitting manganese liners.


Richard Fraser and axlebox on the horizontal boring machine.



Two views of the cab as construction progresses. No need to worry how it looks at present! It will look as good as new in the spring once the weather has turned and we can paint it after we have finished all the fitting work.




The most complete of the three 3½ inch gauge Gresley coaches.