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News Update - April 2022

Engineering notes

There has been further progress with some of the lubrication pipework being assembled off the loco at present.

Cylinder drain cock casting and machining is another area of activity.

Further work has been done on the rocking grate mechanism.

Work is about to start on the renewal of the erecting shop roof and sides plus the installation of an overhead travelling crane and we anticipate that this may affect our progress with 82045 a little as all the usual equipment and facilities may not be in their usual place. However the end result should be well worth waiting for.

PS: Just a short update this month but rest assured there's still a great deal going on!


The rear of 82045 with the water tank capacity plate attached to the rear of the bunker. Photo: Tony Massau.



Two photos of the one of the mechanical lubricators with pipework attached. Photos: John Pagett.