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Sponsor a Part

Please contact Chris if you would like to discuss any of the above. He will keep a record of all sponsorship, but please tell him if you prefer to remain anonymous. All sponsors will receive a nice frameable certificate.

We will soon be publishing additional lists of items for the front and rear pony trucks as well as boiler/firebox components, but for the moment are concentrating on the work at present in hand - namely, the cylinders and driving wheels.

Thanks very much for reading this - we hope you will feel inspired to have a piece of 82045 you can claim as your own!


Following a number of enquiries from our supporters, here is the first list of parts for possible sponsorship - January 2013 update:


Half the cost of one connecting rod forging £2,750-00
[one and a half forgings have already been sponsored]


(currently on order and awaited)


Estimated cost

Number needed

Anti-vacuum valves
one sponsored,
one available
Drain cocks


Pattern £3,560-00 1
Driving wheels £9,500-00 6
Axles £2,540-00 3
Axle boxes £625-00 6
Axle box under keeps £350-00 6
Springs £800-00 6
Spring bracket castings £712-00 all sponsored!
Crank pins £750-00 6
Tyres £1,798-00 6